Next step in the climate protection offensive: KAISER+KRAFT has been 100 per cent climate-neutral since 2018

Stuttgart, 09. 01. 2018: KAISER+KRAFT Germany takes the next step in climate protection and makes the entire company climate-neutral. This makes KAISER+KRAFT the first major B2B mail order company to focus entirely on an evened climate balance. For the company, this orientation is a worthwhile investment in the future.

KAISER+KRAFT is continuing along its sustainability path and will continue to expand its commitment in 2018. Since 1.1.2018, the entire company has been climate-neutral. The Stuttgart-based mail order company has been investing heavily in the development of efficient and climate-friendly strategies for many years: since the end of October 2016, KAISER+KRAFT has met the requirements of ISO 50001 and thus also complied with the Energy Services Act at all German locations. Last year, the web shop, the sustainability page and all print advertising materials were already climate-neutral. At the beginning of this year, all emissions arising in the division were recorded. This includes, for example, the emissions of the company vehicle fleet and the energy requirements of the locations in Germany.

Compensation, which cannot be completely avoided

Andreas Krüger, managing director of the logistics division and sustainability officer at KAISER+KRAFT, sees companies as responsible for climate protection: “Global warming is the driving topic of the 21st century. As a trading company, we have a great responsibility here and we are facing up to it.” For him, however, emissions compensation is only the last step. “We try to keep emissions as low as possible through resource-conserving processes – but unfortunately they cannot be completely avoided. That’s why we are offsetting unavoidable emissions with a certified, internationally recognized climate protection project in Tanzania”, he explains.

Nächster Schritt in der Klimaschutzoffensive: KAISER+KRAFT ist seit 2018 zu 100 Prozent klimaneutral (alt)

Now completely climate-neutral: KAISER+KRAFT.

The project, which is certified according to the Gold Standard of the WWF and 40 other NGOs, is active nationwide in the East African state and organizes the distribution of cooking stoves that use fuel more efficiently and environmentally friendly. Until now, more than 95 per cent of the population used firewood-fired, inefficient fireplaces to prepare their meals and boil water. These stoves are a heavy burden on health and the climate due to their high firewood requirements and pollutant emissions. The new cooking options will save 2.27 tonnes of CO2 per oven and year. For the project, the B2B mail order company for business, warehouse and office equipment relies on a proven partner with whom the company has been working since 2012: ClimatePartner GmbH.

The B2B mail order company from Stuttgart has been consistently focusing on sustainability for years.

Sustainability as a competitive advantage

KAISER+KRAFT will continue to focus increasingly on sustainable management in the future. For example, Europe-wide logistics should be completely climate-neutral by 2020. Following the purchase of the first electric car last year, the fleet will also continue to be equipped with low-emission vehicles.
In addition, further Web shops abroad are to follow the German model. In addition, this year the portfolio of the company’s own products of the EUROKRAFT Active Green brand, manufactured in a particularly resource-conserving manner, will be expanded. For Andreas Krüger, this is only logical: “Sustainability is not dictated by the ecological conscience. For KAISER+KRAFT it is an investment in the future, which we see as a competitive advantage.”