KAISER+KRAFT makes pupils mobile

Stuttgart, 26.09.2018: Pupils of the Margarete Steiff School can be pleased – on Monday the B2B mail order company for business, warehouse and office equipment, KAISER+KRAFT, donated a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to the inclusion school. With this, the company wants to promote more mobility for students with physical disabilities.

Sustainable management and doing something good at the same time? The Stuttgart-based B2B mail order company KAISER+KRAFT has set itself this goal. As part of the bonus-malus system, KAISER+KRAFT presented a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to the Stuttgart Education and Consultation Centre on Monday in a festive atmosphere with a focus on promoting physical and motor development. By donating a minibus, KAISER+KRAFT would like to support schools for children and young people with physical disabilities and contribute to better mobility for pupils.

KAISER+KRAFT macht Schüler mobil (alt)

Cordula Fluhr, Personnel Manager of the KAISER+KRAFT Group (from right), at the bus donation to the Margarete-Steiff Inclusion School on Monday. Source: KAISER+KRAFT

KAISER+KRAFT is supporting pupils with physical disabilities in their mobility with this year’s Bonus Malus donation.


“With the help of the donation, our pupils have the opportunity to try out their skills and learn new skills by going on excursions together or taking on everyday challenges such as shopping”, says school principal Peter Otto. Especially for physically handicapped and chronically ill pupils, this gift is an important support. “So that everyone can take part in the lessons, physically handicapped pupils are picked up from home in minibuses and brought back again. In addition, we try to leave school with our students as often as possible and “learn” outside the school. Cordula Fluhr, Human Resources Manager of the KAISER+KRAFT Group, who presented the donation, emphasises: “Education is the future for us. It therefore gives us all the more pleasure to support pupils in their mobility in this way and to support schools such as the Margarete Steiff School in their extraordinary educational work”.

Bonus-Malus-System: Supporting others through sustainable management

KAISER+KRAFT’s Bonus-Malus-System was developed to sustainably improve the performance of suppliers. These are measured in particular on the basis of the evaluation criteria “delivery reliability” and “quality”; and rewarded with a bonus for above-average performance. Suppliers who do not meet the evaluation criteria, on the other hand, pay a penalty amount as agreed. Every year, KAISER+KRAFT donates the sum resulting from these amounts to a good cause. “With this system, we not only want to consolidate the path for a more sustainable economy, but at the same time support institutions such as the Stuttgart Margarete-Steiff special school”, adds Cordula Fluhr. The ninth bus donation by KAISER+KRAFT to an inclusion school took place this year.

Picture information

The first picture shows the following persons in the order from left to right:

  • Mrs. Marie-Ann Heymann (Deputy District Manager Möhringen)
  • Mrs. Barbara Hummel (District Councillor Möhringen)
  • Mr. Herbert Olbrich (District Advisory Council Möhringen)
  • Mr. Peter Otto (Headmaster of the Margarete Steiff School Stuttgart)
  • Ms Cordula Fluhr (Human Resources Manager of the KAISER+KRAFT Group)
  • Mr. Marcus Seifert (BW Bank)