GO LIVE new Content management system - off into the Cloud...

On 19.12.2018, after several months of extremely intensive, interdisciplinary teamwork, we were able to take the basic version of our new content management system (CMS) live. And the whole thing on our own new server in the cloud!

What exactly was there to celebrate?

After hard work by the content team, translation, design, UX, OCAMs, OCMs, Onsite Marketing Managers, SEOs, developers, POs, DevOps, project management and many others, the first version of our new CMS went live. The new CMS will replace the user-unfriendly and inflexible Hybris WCMS, with which we display the content in the current desktop shop.

With our basic version of the new CMS, several product teasers (advertising spaces), legally relevant pages such as the imprint and a new page type called “product guide”; (a further development of the well-known shopping guide) can be maintained by the content managers on the homepage for the first time. We have already received initial feedback from users of the new CMS that we are achieving our goal of a much more user-friendly, intuitive system. In general, the new CMS now feeds the content into our new Responsive Basis Shop.

And this is just the beginning. The new CMS will be massively further developed in the coming months. New functionalities in the area of translation, approval process, user rights, new page types, teasers and forms will follow.

Many thanks to all who made this possible!