Let the corks pop - KAISER+KRAFT now has a own restaurant at its headquarter!

Eröffnung der Kantine Bistro1210 (alt)

We are happy that on 18.10.2019 our new canteen “Bistro Zwölfzehn” at our head office in Stuttgart opened its doors – and that so many employees were present at the opening!

Heiko Hegwein and Joachim Kettelhack spoke about the idea of creating not only transparent, modern office space as part of the Workspace modernisation project, but also a place for interaction and networking. Since the staff repeatedly expressed the wish for a cafeteria, we were now able to combine this with each other.

Heiko Hegwein also took the opportunity to thank Dirk Lessing, CEO of KAISER+KRAFT EUROPA, for his many years of constructive contribution, and Dirk Lessing also said a few words about his farewell.

Our thanks for the successful canteen building not only go to all those actively involved (internally to the colleagues of the organisation team; externally: Zieglerbürg office, WMK office, Udo Hemker, construction supervision, kitchen planning by HoGaKa office, all craftsmen and Stollsteimer for the canteen service), but also the employees of Presselstraße 12, who had to endure the building-noise for a long time… this has now come to an end. After about two years of rebuilding the office and lounges, the opening of the canteen marked the official conclusion of the Workspace project.

Following the opening speeches, Mr Philipp Stollsteimer was presented with a cooking spoon as a sign for the start of the canteen activities. Of course, the cutting of the opening ribbon by Mr. Stollsteimer, Mr. Hegwein and Mr. Schiffel was also a must!

And here a few more figures / data / facts:
Seats: 100
Area: 330 sqm (incl. storage and cold storage rooms)

We are convinced that the new canteen will not only provide for your physical well-being in the future, but will also contribute to the development of communication and networking.

Would you like to get your own impression of the canteen and the new office and recreation areas? Then simply contact us by e-mail or telephone.